Crop an image in PhotoShop:
Open the image you want to crop.  Rename the file so that you don't lose the original.
Click on the crop tool in the toolbar, under the lasso:
Click and drag on the image to define the part you want to KEEP. As a technique, click in the upper left corner first and then drag down, to the right.
Stretch the crop region "handles" (the boxes in the corners and on the sides of the selected area) as desired:
Press ENTER to crop the photo as selected.

Correcting Color Levels:
Photographs scanned into the computer or taken with a digital camera are rarely exposed perfectly. Try to adjust levels automatically by choosing LAYER - NEW ADJUSTMENT LAYER - LEVELS.  Click on AUTO.
If the photo looks worse, cancel or choose EDIT - UNDO.

Reduce Image Size:

Choose IMAGE - IMAGE SIZE.  To select an image for emailing, select a width of 800 or less to accomodate people with low monitor resolution and to reduce file size.  For Printing, pay attention to document size.

Reducing File Size for Emailing:
Chose 4-Up to see alternative resolutions and sizes.
Set the setting at JPEG, Medium.  You want JPEG (instead of GIF) because this is a photo and it has more than 16 colors.  You want Medium to reduce the file size without sacrificing quality. If you want to make the file smaller, see how it looks set at Low or by reducing the Quality setting.  Notice that the photo in the upper right-hand corner shows the image with that selection and is selected (border is dark).  Select OK.  Name it and pay attention to where you save it.


Adding Styles:

Choose FILTER - and then select a style. Here are some examples.