The best editorials are in the Washington Post.

Keep right except to pass.

All the radios in the house are set to National Public Radio.

TVs interfere with conversation, sleep, health, and life. Only have one and keep it in its own room.

Physical work is usually better done in pairs.

I'm often up by 4 a.m. I start my mornings with very good coffee and crunchy carbohydrates. Sometimes I double toast homemade bread with real butter. When I'm pathetic, I eat raw spaghetti which makes up in crunch for what it lacks in flavor. It relieves stress and helps me stay focused.

Pets reduce your blood pressure.

Humans can be like a swarm of locus on the face of the earth; destroying their environment with no concern for others or the future.

I wore Opium perfume for the last two decades but I'm just not their target market anymore. Now I wear perfumes that smell like homemade jelly.

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