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Adams Nursery (West Point, GA)
Woodlanders (Aiken, SC)
Caladium World (Sebring, FL)
Seeds for the South (Graniteville, SC)
Park Seed (Greenwood, SC)
Countryside Gardens (SC)
Wayside Gardens (Hodges, SC)
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Rain off my front porch.  Click for large image.

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The green glass globe was a present from my ASU colleagues.

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Nat. Wildlife Fed.
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Welcome to Vermont

See Granddaddy's garden._

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Both the cottonmouth and brown water snake are stouted bodied snakes & have similar swimming patterns although the cottonmouth often carries its head raised slightly above the water appearing somewhat buoyant. It can be quite bold, standing it's ground with mouth open showing you it's cottony mouth. The brown water snake will have far more color blotches than a cottonmouth. Cottonmouths have a pit b/t the eye & nostril, cottonmouths also develop a dark band through the eye which begins in front and extends mostly behind the eye. While that requires "closer" observation I would beware of any stout snake in wet areas that does not make haste to get away. Wade Hutcheson, Spalding County Extension Coordinator

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