Paris Casino, Las Vegas

The Paris Casino and Hotel was so big that I got lost in it four times. It has eight restaurants in it, around 50 stores, a theater, and a bazillion slot machines. Oh, yeah, and the Eiffle tower goes right up the middle. It was difficult taking photos as they didn't allow you to take photos of customers. When you sit down to play a machine, someone will come and get you a free drink.

All the hotels had beautiful bathrooms but the ones in the Paris were the best.

Your odds of winning at slots are quite low but people play them because it requires no thinking and the payoff can be very high.

Mike was usually very lucky at video poker but you always lose if you play long enough.

If you play right, your odds at winning at blackjack are almost even with the house. But you have to pay attention which is why they give you free drinks.

Helicopter Ride Downtown Shopping & Shows

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