Shopping & Shows, Las Vegas

Joyce and I spent hours and hours walking through extravagent shopping malls inside the hotels, spending little money. It was unnerving to see extremely expensive stores like Tiffany's and Armani's crowded with young people with lots of money.

The garden below was part of a lovely large garden inside an atrium at Belagio's.

You can get a ride on a gondola at The Venetian on canals that go from the outside, through the hotel and into the shopping area. It seemed a bit cheasy to me.

Seems like all the hotels we went in now have these fakes skies and city scenes. You get used to them quick.

Notice the lack of shopping bags and we had been shopping for hours at this point.

This was my second visit to see Blue Man Group and they were better than ever. They do things with computers and lights that I can't figure out. I highly recommend that you see them or see them again.

We also went to Circque Du Soleil's O, their first water-based show. It was incredible, as were our seats.

Helicopter Ride Downtown Paris Casino

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